About Us

In February 2012 hub East Central Scotland Limited (hubco) was set up as a procurement vehicle to support, develop and deliver well designed, affordable, sustainable and functional community facilities that enable effective service delivery throughout the East Central Territory.

hubco wishes to create a true partnership vehicle with the Participants which will deliver Value for Money for the Participants and their citizens, exploring synergies between the Participants and, where appropriate, adapting, developing, innovating and changing to deliver their key objectives in an innovative and flexible manner.

hub East Central Scotland Limited comprises the following:


Amber Blue


hub East Central Territory Participants
Scottish Futures Trust

Community Facilities

hub East Central Scotland Limited has been established to provide ‘Partnering Services’ and to deliver a mixture of new build and refurbished community facilities for the population of East Central Scotland.  The following facilities can be delivered by hubco:

  • Health (substantially primary care but may include elements of acute)
  • Wellbeing
  • Library services
  • Education
  • Children’s services
  • Residential and Social Care
  • Social housing
  • Special needs housing
  • Other community based services (including but not limited to those provided by the police, fire and rescue and ambulance services)
  • The facilities will be delivered through a DBFM (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain) or a D&B (Design and Build Development Agreement).


The hub East Central hubco is committed to an outcome based approach and will align and integrate its activities to connect explicitly with the Participants. Hubco will deliver the stated outcome by achieving the following objectives:

  1. To facilitate the provision of enhanced local services by encouraging the scale of joint service working and integration between Community Planning Partnerships across the Territory;
  2. To deliver a sustained programme of investment into community based facilities and developments so that more and more services are provided locally in communities, with multi‐disciplinary teams working (wherever possible and appropriate) from single sites;
  3. To establish a more efficient and sustainable procurement methodology for public sector bodies that:
    1. Reinforces joint strategic planning and delivery;
    2. Is stable and long‐term;
    3. Delivers better Value for Money than current procurement arrangements;
  4. To be flexible in its ability to respond to evolving service strategies and in being able to deliver through different contractual and funding routes;
  5. To work with the Participants to generate sufficient project size, volume and deal flow to attract private finance into the delivery of public infrastructure;
  6. To share learning and improve the procurement process;
  7. To deliver facilities for Community Services that meet public sector policy objectives for design quality and sustainability; and
  8. To facilitate and improve the level of stakeholder engagement in the planning of services and development of facilities for Community Services.

Value for Money

Securing value for money in the delivery and development of hubco and its pipeline of New Project activity is an integral component of the delivery ethos of hubco and it can be evidenced at every stage of the business.

The aim is to create a culture where ‘value’ permeates all processes and activities that could fall within the scope of the Territory Partnering Agreement, and particularly in the delivery of New Projects.

Hubco will deliver Value for Money in new projects by:‐

  • Setting capped rates through the use of transparent and robust adjustment factors which are:-
  • Easily transferable into New Projects with worked examples.
  • Delivering Value for Money by further challenging and reducing the caps.
  • Value for Money will also be delivered through: ‐
    • Maximising opportunities for local SME’s
    • A Significant community benefits programme
    • Effective risk management procedures.
    • A whole life costing approach to New Project development.