Amber Blue

Robertson Capital Projects Limited, Amber Infrastructure Limited and Forth Holdings Limited together form the Amber Blue Consortium, which is the private sector development partner in hub East Central Scotland Limited.

Robertson Capital Projects

Robertson Capital Projects has substantial experience of working with the public sector on a range of accommodation needs using both capital and revenue based funding solutions. In the past 10 years the business has designed, built, financed and operated public sector buildings with a capital value in excess of £1 billion which includes 60 schools; 11 primary care hospitals; 10 multi-use community based service centres; and hundreds of new homes.

Amber Infrastructure

Amber Infrastructure is a leading sponsor and manager of social infrastructure projects with a long standing worldwide expertise in the origination, development and management of long-term PPP infrastructure projects. With a team of over 50 executives, Amber Infrastructure has one of the strongest and most experienced groupings of social infrastructure professionals in the country who have been responsible for originating and developing projects with an aggregate value of more than £8.7 billion in eight countries.

Forth Holdings

Forth is based in Stirling, with offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Oban. As a major independent building services provider with almost 50 years experience, Forth has an exceptional range of skills, services and products across every market sector. As an organisation Forth is uniquely placed to offer everything from planning and design to fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Collectively, Amber Blue has been responsible for a public sector accommodation programme throughout the UK which has delivered more than 100 schools; 20 primary care hospitals; 40 multi use community based resource centres; numerous police, court and library buildings and hundreds of new homes.

Amber Blue brings together an array of skill and experience from their joint businesses that mean they can support the participants in delivering both capital and revenue-funded projects.