Strategic Support Projects

As outlined within What We Do, hub East Central Scotland can provide Strategic Support Partnering Services to the Participants.

Development of initial Strategic Support service products

The Strategic Support service products developed during the past 6-9 months are an initial hubco response to assist Participants in addressing the asset management challenges they face within their existing estate and corporate organisation. The products have been progressively created in parallel with an on-going programme of structured dialogue with a number of Participants, a review of their short and medium term Capital Plans and development of a basic understanding of their existing delivery models. The products recognise the recurring themes that have arisen and have been structured to supplement and support rather than replace existing Participant capability.

hubco’s intent has been to help Participants make best us of their scarce resource and capital. The products enable Participants to focus resource on high priority items whilst hub co either eliminates low priority challenges before they escalate or performs the upfront work necessary to enable low priority projects to be taken forward seamlessly by Participants as they become higher priorities. The underlying principle is that hubco support can enable Participants to deliver more, more quickly.

In developing each Strategic Support service product hubco has maintained a regular dialogue with SFT to ensure all parties’ efforts towards achieving improved asset management are both complimentary and aligned. A high level overview of the products is shown below.


Product Product   Overview Aim of product
Strategic   Estates Planning and Co-ordination
Asset   Management Group Support Provision   of administration, facilitation co-ordination, communication, and reporting   support for each of the three area based property groups Take   care of non-day job Participant interactions to ensure momentum is not lost   between meetings due to competing internal demands and focus remains on   exploring and developing multi-Participant opportunities
Pre-New   Project Request (NPR) Strategic Support
Feasibility   Support Undertaking   on a Participant’s behalf site master planning, option analysis, data   validation and feasibility design necessary to enable a Participant to   proceed with a Stage 1 NPR Test   and develop concepts and options on identified projects pre-Stage 1 NPR to enable   low priority projects to be taken forward seamlessly by Participants as they   become higher priorities
Option   Health Check Structured   fresh pair of eyes review on the robustness of initial business case draft   submissions for chosen multi-Participant project options Identify   early weaknesses in rationale and alignment gaps between the parties as a   means of reducing likelihood of later project delays or abort costs
Strategic   Delivery Solutions
Carbon   Reduction Programme Turnkey   approach under which Hub co funds and delivers a range of agreed capital   energy efficiency interventions in return for receiving the benefit of a   pre-agreed level of resultant savings over a defined period of time Achieve   additional reductions in Participant’s annual Carbon Reduction Commitment   liabilities and energy consumption bills through the provision of targeted   additional funding and resource
Un-scoped   Minor Works FM Service Turnkey   approach under which targeted un-scoped annual capital maintenance works of   various types can be prioritised, scoped, designed, priced, programmed and   delivered on a one stop shop basis by a single trusted entity. Delivered   either as a single project or as part of a rolling annual programme Eliminate   annual un-scoped backlog maintenance and statutory compliance works and take   forward upgrade & improvement and low complexity refurbishment works on a   targeted basis before problems associated with existing asset condition /   performance / suitability escalate