The Territory Participants have an agreed vision of what hub will deliver for the organisations involved both individually and jointly where possible and that is:

“The hub Initiative will deliver high quality, value for money facilities that support the provision of integrated community and primary care services which meet locality needs and, wherever possible, exceed expectation”

This vision will only be achieved by the Participants by a commitment to the long term strategic partnering relationship that will be based on:

  • Supporting client focused joint service planning & working between partners within the community.
  • Creating community based building solutions that bring together providers to deliver integrated services in support of local priorities.
  • Delivering fit for purpose facilities that are of high quality design and encourage community use; and among other requirements are consistent with “A Vision for Health”
  • produced by Architecture and Design Scotland.
  • Delivering buildings that meet anticipated legislative, economic, environmental and technological challenges and opportunities.
  • Delivering buildings that optimise the use of public resources.
  • Implementing a procurement programme that provides economies of scale and sharing of expertise & lessons learned.
  • Implementing a procurement programme that results in improved levels of employment and training within the community.
  • Engaging with schools, colleges and universities to create interest and opportunity for the construction and design industry.
  • Achieving local economic benefits through such means as increased training and employment prospects.
  • Continually reviewing practices and outcomes across a series of procurements, enabling lessons to be learnt in order to improve delivery.
  • Developing and benchmarking leading practice, making best use of technology and innovation.
  • Undertaking sound research and analysis, drawing on stakeholder consultation at an early juncture and throughout programme delivery.

While there are the above noted expectations associated with the overall hub Initiative, the Territory also has a clear and defined interest in the overall quality aspect of any facilities and how by driving quality through design, procurement and construction, overall outcomes for any project can be significantly enhanced.

The hub East Central Territory Participants vision will be supported and delivered by the hubco vision:

“to create a true partnership vehicle with the Participants which will deliver Value for Money for the Participants and their citizens, exploring synergies between the Participants and, where appropriate, adapting, developing, innovating and changing to deliver their key objectives in an innovative and flexible manner”.