What We Do

hub East Central Scotland Limited’s scope of services can be broken down in to three forms of partnering services:

  • Ongoing Partnering Services
  • Project Development Partnering Services
  • Strategic Partnering Services

Ongoing Partnering Services

hubco will work in partnership with the Participants to assist in driving projects through recurring Partnering Services including:

  • Partnering and Collaborative Working
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Value for Money

Project Development Partnering Services

These Partnering Services are provided by hubco in connection with the development of New Projects i.e. once a formal New Project Request has been issued, Project Development Services will commence. This includes:

  • New Project Development and Delivery
  • Selection from Supply Chain for each New Project
  • Funding
  • Value for Money

Strategic Partnering Services

Following a formal request from a Participant, hubco will provide services such as:

  • Strategic Estate Planning
  • Service Planning
  • Value for Money