Attendances have been high at unique series of education workshops for local authorities across the hub East Central Scotland region featuring one of the UK’s most influential academics in the field, Professor Stephen Heppel.

The initiative is the brainchild of hub’s strategic services team and part of its #placesforlearning programme to help educations teams and schools develop new thinking and solutions to transform performance and learning.

The hub team delivered 6 workshops across the region with 5 local authorities.  The events were also supported by Space Strategies, Architecture and Design Scotland and Scottish Futures Trust. Over 50 pupils took part in the workshop sessions in Dundee and Clackmannan.

Stephen Oswald, Project Director, Strategic Services, hub east Central Scotland said: “We created our #placesforlearning initiative to support the development of educational spaces beyond the boundaries of traditional schools as we consider lifelong learning campuses and how to create the best possible environments for learning. Stephen Heppel’s insight, expertise and enthusiasm at the events has been a real catalyst for change, inspiring everyone who attended to look at learning in new ways that will benefit our communities and help young people to reach their full potential.”

hub’s strategic services team works closely with public sector partners across the region to develop new ideas, initiatives and ways of working that will enhance community services across the region.